Klikel 8 Pack 18oz Porcelain Soup Bowls - White Square Soup and Cereal Dinnerware Bowl Set - 6.5-Inch (18oz)

Klikel 8 Pack 18oz Porcelain Soup Bowls - White Square Soup and Cereal Dinnerware Bowl Set - 6.5-Inch (18oz)

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Klikel 8 Pack 18oz Porcelain Soup Bowls - White Square Soup and Cereal Dinnerware Bowl Set - 6.5-Inch (18oz)

• QUALITY PORCELAIN SET: This set includes 8 soup bowls. The bowls are strong, stackable, and suitable for everyday use. They can handle rough use, including stacking and scraping.

• ELEGANT DESIGN: This classic solid white set matches any linens or décor, formal or casual. The bowls feature a chic square edge design.

• ALWAYS USEFUL: Use them for breakfast, dinner at special events, parties, and catering. Good for a hearty breakfast of farina, cereal or oatmeal. Perfect for a hot bowl of soup, and a light snack of salad or nuts.

• MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: Toss in the dishwasher for quick cleaning. Safe to use in the microwave or freezer too.

• A WONDERFUL GIFT: This crockery set makes the perfect housewarming or holiday present. Suitable for teens, millennials and baby boomers at all stages.

Family meals build relationships. These meals are the most important part of our day. It helps adults handle daily stress, and it helps kids do better in school. For a wholesome breakfast of warm oatmeal or a healthy snack of salad. KLIKEL dishes give a calming effect for more pleasant meal time.


• Quality Porcelain
• Set of 8 Bowls
• 6.5 Inches Square / 2 Inches Deep
• 18 Ounce Capacity / 2 1/4 Cups
• Chic Modern White & Square Design
• Microwave & Freezer & Dishwasher Safe


The dishes we eat from makes a difference. Different dinnerware can leach chemicals into your food affecting the nutrition and taste.KLIKEL bowls are thick solid porcelain which is both safe and strong. Clanking spoons or knives won't break or damage them. Plus our bowls keep your food healthy and fresh!


A convenient family pack of 8 bowls. Now you can use this for breakfast snack and supper with only one run in the dishwasher. There's no need to handwash these dishes! If you've got a large family - you can still eat all together. There's enough for everyone here to get their own portion.


This set is a modern white color with a chic square design. No matter your scheme or décor, you'll always find a use for this set. Each bowl is the right size at 6.5". It gives you enough room for your nutrition with the proper portion control. Clean white with clean lines, this bowl fits into your kitchen or dining room. Perfect for any meal, any time , anywhere!


This set of bowls is refreshing and practical. The universal design with multipurpose means that this will work for everyone. Families, couples and teens can use this for breakfast, snacks or entertaining. It is exciting to give or receive something that you know will be used every day. Treat yourself and your family too. Enjoy dinner or breakfast in the best way possible.

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Brand: Klikel
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