8 Pack 14oz Porcelain Dessert Bowls - White Square Ice cream and Fruit Dinnerware Dessert Bowl Set - 5.5-Inch (14oz)

Klikel 8 Pack 14oz Porcelain Dessert Bowls - White Square Ice cream and Fruit Dinnerware Dessert Bowl Set - 5.5-Inch (14oz)

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This 8 piece dinnerware set includes 8 dessert bowls in solid white to suit any setting or occasion, from casual everyday dinners to catered dinner parties and friends get togethers.

Meals are the most important parts of our day and sometimes we overlook one of the most important parts of our meals - the dishes we eat them from. Did you know the materials can affect the taste and their quality can make them more exposed to wearing and breakage? We know that some people don't consider some of this issues when choosing their bowls so let us at Klikel do it for you with a professionally made set of 5.5" square white Bowls - perfect for any snack, any time!


• Quality Porcelain
• Set of 8 Square Bowls
• 5.5 Inches Wide
• 14 Ounces
• 2 Inches Deep
• White
• Chic Modern Square Design
• Microwave & Freezer Safe
• Dish Washer Safe


Material and durability is an essential part of choosing the right dinnerware for you. Our bowls are made with solid and impermeable porcelain which is both safe and strong. The material is very durable so you can be sure that clanking spoons or even knives on them won’t break or damage them. It also removes any potential affects it has on your food taste! Plastic and metal bowls leave behind residue that can alter the quality of your food but our bowls keep your food tasting fresh!


Everyone is always ready for a health snack. Great for serving salads, popcorn, chips, dips, and condiments. You can easily prepare ice cream, pudding and fresh fruit. Give the gift of great quality dinnerware to any family for their new home, wedding, birthday, or holiday for them to enjoy happily and healthily! Everyone would be thrilled to receive something they know they can use every day all year round. Treat yourself and your family and get a set for your own home so you can enjoy a snack or dessert in the best way possible.

Item Number: 278934
Brand: Klikel
UPC: 811183031138