2 Photo Collage Solid Walnut Brown Wood Picture Frame - 2 Opening 4 x 6 Picture Slots

2 Photo Collage Solid Walnut Brown Wood Picture Frame - 2 Opening 4 x 6 Picture Slots

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2 Photo Collage Solid Walnut Brown Wood Picture Frame - 2 Opening 4 x 6 Picture Slots

• PERFECT COLLAGES: Display two 4 x 6 pictures horizontally, or two on top of each other vertically. Use as a single 8 x 10 photo frame.

• SOLID WOOD: Made with premium quality materials the wooden frame will be a long-lasting way to showcase your favorite memories.

• REAL GLASS: The photos are protected by real glass, not acrylic or synthetics, for a beautifully clear sheen and superior protection.

• EASY MOUNTING: Mount on the wall as vertical or horizontal frames, or use the included folding stand to place on a table or desk.

• BEAUTIFULLY DECORATIVE: The neutral brown walnut matches any décor or interior design. Enhance your home design a classic frame style.

We all have those moments we wish could last a lifetime. We have dozens of albums stored in our smartphone and computers that save these moments but none of them are ever really cherished and possibly forgotten. Wouldn't you or a loved one want to be reminded of that special memory every day? A digital picture can't do that but a physical one can and that's why Klikel will provide you with stunning array of picture frames that will fit your favorite photos and let them be displayed anywhere for you or anyone to enjoy!


• Solid Brown Walnut Wood Picture Frame
• 2 4” x 6” Opening for Collages
• Quality Design with Strong Glass Cover


Display the best moments of your life anywhere for the world to see with a lavish picture frame that will make any environment stand out. Whether it's an unforgettable wedding photo or just a scenic vacation picture with a friend, these decorative frames are the perfect piece to wrap your favorite moment around. The collage feature allow you to display multiple pictures at once for the perfect memento. Great for home or work, these frames come with a back stand so you can easily mount your pictures on any surface.


Some gifts just never go out of style. Clothes get old and worn-out and there will always be a more advanced version of that popular device. One thing that everyone can agree on is that a cherished memory will always make a perfect gift. Give a heart-warming memory in a lovely frame picture to a loved one remind them of that precious moment that you hold near and dear to your heart. Or just give them an empty frame so they can choose their favorite moment with you. Whether it's an embarrassing moment for you or a tender one between the two of you, a photo will always show someone how much they truly mean to you and it all starts with a wonderfully crafted picture frame.

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