Colored Whiskey Glasses Set of 6 - Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple DOF Glassware -11oz

Colored Whiskey Glasses Set of 6 - Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple DOF Glassware -11oz

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Colored Whiskey Glasses Set of 6 - Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple DOF Glassware -11oz

• UNIVERSAL WINE GLASS: Make a toast on reds, whites or any wine in these beautiful stemless goblets. The medium sized bowl gives you ample room for juice or water too.

• DIFFERENT COLORS: Each dof glass comes with a different color base in blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple. Now you'll know whose glass is whose - there's no need for wine charms!

• MODERN DESIGN: Enjoy great taste and great style! The angled silhouette has a modern update. Easy to grip at the base and wide enough on top to drink comfortably. Each stemless glass has a splash of a different color. Hand wash only .

• MAKES THE PERFECT GIFT: These colorful glasses make the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys a drink. They’re ideal for weddings, house warming gifts, birthdays and graduations.

• GREAT SAFE QUALITY: Producers of the finest drinkware. Trinkware wine glasses are high quality and strong and also 100% safe. Enjoy ongoing use and uncompromised taste.Capacity 11oz. Height 4".

Bursting with color and style, your next party is begging for these COLORED DOUBLE OLD FASHIONED GLASSES. Durable sturdy glassware with a stroke of fun. Buy now!

This set of glasses is all purpose. That means you can use it when serving wine, champagne, juice and water. For your dinner table, party or college apartment. These classic glasses have an updated silhouette with a modern color splash.

With a capacity of 11oz these glasses have a medium sized bowl. The height measures 4" tall. You can comfortably hold it at the base to keep your drink cooler.

This glass gives you ultimate value. The modern design let's you savor the smell of wines and delight in the taste of juice. For your refreshing glass of water or your party, this stemless glass will give you the perfect effect. Hand wash onlyr. Crystal clear glass leaves no streaks and is not cloudy.

Trinkware is passionate about durability and style. Our superior products feature classic shapes with a modern pop. These glasses are made of strong glass. And yes! It's lead free. Each glass has a different color for 6 different glasses total. Now there's no need to wonder, "Is this glass mine?" Colors include; blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple.

Go ahead, buy it now. This colorful glassware set is essential!

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