Calici Nightstand Water Carafe with Tumbler - Etched Swirl Design with Stones - 2 Piece Water Set Pitcher And Cup

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Calici Nightstand Water Carafe with Tumbler - Etched Swirl Design with Stones - 2 Piece Water Set Pitcher And Cup

• QUALITY GLASS MATERIAL: Sturdy glass that's 100% lead free, this pitcher and cup is safe for your drinkware. Stable and strong so it won't tip over, use it during the day and throughout the night too.

• CHIC SWIRL DESIGN: Clean design with etched swirls and accented with acrylic studs, this modern carafe will keep your night table or desk clutter free. Sleek design is suitable for every room in your home.

• PROTECTS WATER: This night carafe set includes a lid so your water stays free of dirt. The lid works as a cup too, so you conveniently have a glass right where you need it, when you need it.

• MULTIPURPOSE CARAFE: , This tumbler and decanter is perfect for keeping water at your bedside, juice on your table, or mouthwash at your sink. It works in a kitchen, at an office desk or for a guestroom.

• EASY TO USE: Tailored rim makes pouring from this carafe pitcher drip-free. You don't need to deal with wet and messy puddles of water spilling on your desk and table.

Feel the opulence of a hotel.

Bedside Night Carafe with Tumbler Glass.
Chic design and well made, this is a luxurious product without the price tag. Keep one in every room so you can always have water within reach and always drink it in style. This is perfect for keeping hydrated in dry climates and throughout the seasons. Show guests you took care of all the details with this exquisite bedside, bathroom or table set. And gift it too. As a hostess gift, goodbye present and more, everyone can use a Carafe with Tumbler Set.

Classy design makes this suitable for your kitchen counter – modern or vintage décor too!
Crystal clear glass is excellent - use it in the bathroom as part of your hygiene routine.
A favorite for mouthwash – you’ll be looking forward to that mouth swirl!

Products Features:

  • Sturdy and heavy - so it won’t tip over
  • 100% lead free - so it won’t leach chemicals into your drink
  • Carafe-cup combo - so you can always take a drink when you want one
  • Cup works as a lid too - to cover and protect your drink from dust and flies
      and to keep your desk clutter free
  • Carafe capacity is 42oz.Cup capacity - up to 12oz.

Where to use this Carafe and Glass Set:

  • Guestroom nightstand – for hotel style service
  • Bathroom sink – for mouthwash in beauty
  • Your bedside table – for luxurious pampering
  • Kitchen table or counter - to stay hydrated with water, juice

Perks of a Bedside Pitcher Set

  • You'll stay hydrated during night
  • You'll remember to take your medication morning & evening
  • You won't need to get out of bed just because you want a drink!

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